A step into boarding school means taking a lot of steps towards maturity.

Leaving the comfort of home had never been easy for many of us when we took our first steps into STF. It was not easy especially when we had to learn to cope with life and all its high and low points in a community of peers, who were going through just the same episodes.

Five years away from home, living with friends in the care of teachers and wardens had taught us a lot and helped create a strong family bond among us.

Five years later, when the time came for us to leave the security of the high school nest, and make our way into the real world, we began to miss those years when lasting friendships were established. The sense of belonging and the urge to associate were so strong that an organisation was needed to bind us together.

It all came about in the late 1950s when Sekolah Tun Fatimah Old Girls Association came into being. Inspired by the school name, the old girls association was registered as Srikandi. From a humble beginning, today, the association has grown to become one of the biggest and most active alumni among boarding schools in Malaysia.

For more than 50 years, Srikandi has been used as a platform for connection, cooperation and affiliation among its members and affiliates. With access to a vast network of contacts, Srikandi offers members endless opportunities to connect, build relationships and participate in rewarding activities.



  • Unite former students of STF to create a well-connected community.
  • Promote unity among members through various educational, social and spiritual activities.
  • Enable members to participate in nation building activities through charitable and cultural initiatives.
  • Contribute/give back to the school for a better STF.